Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find Virginia Tech’s campus on my GPS?

The heart of Virginia Tech is located at 675 Washington St SW, Blacksburg, VA  24060.

Directions to Blacksburg:

  • From the North or East: take Interstate 81 south to exit 118B, following US 460 west to Blacksburg
  • From the South: take Interstate 81 north to exit 118B, following US 460 west to Blacksburg
  • From West Virginia: take Interstate 77 South (West Virginia Turnpike) to Exit 9. Exit and turn left onto US 460 East. Follow 460 East to Blacksburg

Once in Blacksburg:

  • Use the 460 Bypass around the downtown area. Follow 460 to Southgate Drive (traffic light). At the second stop light once on Southgate Drive, take a left on Spring Road.

What should I bring?

This is cross country camp.  You will get your shoes dirty and we will run in the rain!

  • Running apparel (for two runs a day)
  • Running shoes (two pairs if possible)
  • Sweatshirt, pants, & rain gear
  • Towel
  • Light blanket (if desired)
  • Swimsuit
  • Personal Toiletries (soap, shampoo, hair brush/ comb, deodorant, tooth brush, tooth paste, feminine products, etc.)
  • Fan (optional but highly recommended)
  • Spending money for snacks (gatorade, bars, etc.) at the camp store and visit to RunAbout Sports (fantastic camp discounts)
  • any medications, inhalers, or epi-pens you are prescribed to take (you MUST include these items on your registration form)
  • **Balance Due – cash or check check payable to HIGH PERFORMANCE DISTANCE ACADEMY)

In the event of a medical emergency, how would I receive medical treatment?

Depending on the seriousness of the injury or illness, a counselor and/or one of the camp directors will accompany you to the training room facilities at Virginia Tech, or to the hospital.

Did you get my balance?

Every camper that registers online receives an online confirmation at the time of registration. You will not receive a second confirmation. Campers registering by paper will receive confirmation in late May when the first camp email is sent. This email will also be sent to online registrants. Contained within this email will be your remaining balance and instructions by which to pay it; please keep up with this email confirmation and send your balance by the deadline, or plan to bring it with you to camp. Please do not call camp concerning your balance unless you have not received a camp email by June 21st.

How are athletes selected for their groups?

Athletes are put into groups entirely randomly to foster the formation of new friendships and integrate campers coming individually with campers coming with a team. Neither athletic ability nor age are taken into consideration. Members of the same team, as well as siblings, are usually split up into different groups.

How many campers to a room?

Two. Roommate requests made on registration forms will be honored to the best of our ability, with the exception of last minute registrants. If both individuals request each other, they are guaranteed to be roommates. Campers coming as individuals will be paired with a roommate within one year in age difference. If you need to request a roommate other than the one listed on your registration form, please email us with the change. Please do not call camp asking who your assigned roommate will be.

Are there laundry facilities available?

Yes, each dorm has coin operated laundry facilities. However, you must pack laundry detergent – there are no coin operated detergent dispensers.

Do I need cash?

Yes. The camps store will be open each night and have gatorade and other sports drinks, bars, and various snacks available for sale. Campers are also permitted to visit a campus store located under Dietrich Dining Hall which sells assorted snacks and Virginia Tech merchandise. During the week, each group will visit RunAbout Sports and have the opportunity have their gait analyzed by our expert shoe staff. All camp participants will receive 20% off shoes, 25% off cross country spikes, and 20% off everything else in the store. The store is located one mile from the residence hall and is open 10am-7pm Monday through Saturday, and 1pm-6pm on Sunday. discounts will remain available to campers through the Sunday after camp concludes.

Can my child drive their own car to camp?

Your child is allowed to drive their car to camp but will not be able to use their car during camp at anytime. Campers who do bring their cars to camp are required to give their keys to the camp director upon arrival.

I’m flying in, how will I get from the airport to camp?

In the event that you will be flying to camp, direct your flights to Roanoke International Airport (ROA). Camp counselors or camp directors will pick-up and drop-off campers at the airport and drive them to Blacksburg, which is about a forty minute drive. Please let us know in advance if you are flying in by calling or emailing us.

What time should I arrive to camp?

Registration is on Monday from 11:00am to 3:00pm in the lobby of the assigned residence hall. The first camp activity is an afternoon run that begins at 3:30 pm outside the front of the dormitory. Meal cards will not include a meal for lunch time so plan to eat prior to your arrival or pack a lunch.

Can I come to camp early?

YES. To make travel a little easier, this year campers can arrive a day early on Sunday, July 10, 2022. There is an additional fee of $100 if you arrive early, which covers an extra night in the dormitory and lunch and dinner at the dining hall. If you wish to arrive early, please ensure you select the appropriate option when registering.

What time is camp check-out?

Check-out is on Saturday morning from 9:30am to 1:00pm. If you are running late to pick up your camper, please call one of the camp directors. If you will not arrive prior to 1:00pm, your child will be taken to RunAbout Sports where they will wait until your arrival.

My child need to leave camp a day early. What is the procedure?

If your camper needs to leave early, please let the registration coordinator know upon your arrival. Also inform your counselor so they can schedule their one-on-one meeting with your child earlier in the week.

My child can no longer attend camp, will my security deposit be refunded?

No. The security deposit is non-refundable and is used to reserve housing and dining for the week. The only circumstance in which the security deposit will be refunded is a running-related injury suffered in the weeks leading up to camp. In this scenario, a signed doctor’s note is required to refund the deposit. If you have already paid your camp balance in full and must cancel your registration, you will be refunded in full less the security deposit.